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Stay Alert???
We have taken a very proactive approach to the Lockdown situation and tried our very best to keep our ship very much sailing. As a family run business we have been in a lucky position to scale down our infrastructure without too much disruption. 'fingers crossed'.
So how has lockdown been? Well our days are going very quickly in fact I can't believe its been 6 weeks already!
So I've been thinking about the top 5 things I've enjoyed about Lockdown and 5 things I've loathed!
1.Spending every minute of the day watching my beautiful baby grow hasn't been too shabby! the sun has had its hat on! 
3.Relationship rehab! spending more quality time with hubby has had its perks! cares! its been so amazing to watch communities pull together makes me proud to be British!
5.ZOOM! until lockdown never heard of it now Zoom is life!!! also love Houseparty till the rumour of the hack...
1.spending too much time with hubby! if I pick up another dirty towel from this 4th bath of the day (through boredom) I will swing for him!!!!
2. not being able to see family and friends. this has been a killer for everyone I'm sure! so hard and at times has been quite depressing missing birthdays etc.
3.Queues I mean I just miss being able to pop to the shops pick up my bits and off I pop! that's just the luxury of our fast paced lives before. I can't queue don't have the patience.
4.not being able to eat out! never really thought about how much I enjoyed eating out before. just knowing that it isn't even an option. Its been missed!
5.Freedom. in this day and age we haven't seen anything like this before and our freedom hasn't ever been challenged. so it has been strange but 100% necessary! isn't even something I've loathed but I couldn't think of anything else.
so sorry this blog is slightly boring just life as it is at the moment.
ooh before I go I have actually managed to watch some TV and one we really enjoyed on Netflix was:
1. Queen of the South! season 1-3 about Mexican drug cartel and women ruling the empire! its actually a good watch! 
2. we love Gavin and Stacey and have re watched every episode 10x over! just bloody love it we do!!
stay safe! And look after another 
Social Distancing Matters
Team Fearless xx

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