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5 Ways to style your hair when down just won't do...

5 Ways to style your hair when down just won't do...
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We all have those bad hair days when your usually bouncy and glowing mane is just a little bit limp , frazzled and fly away or a tad on the "could have really done with a wash so I'm just gonna dry shampoo it " kind of days . 

But don't pull out your hair in stress as nineties hairstyling is back and its a life saver for those days when you'd rather have a bag over your head . 

Here's our five favourite ways to style your hair including slides, grips, headbands and headscarves . 


1. Top knot it 


You may think its beyond saving but even on a day when your hair has lost all its volume the top knot is a great way to save it . Just backcomb the top section  , tie with a bobble and add some grips to secure it in place . In a rush? This is the perfect style as the messier it its the better it looks! 


2. Half up, half down pony. 

Similar to the top knot, this cute and girly little style is perfect for a day when your hair  isn't freshly washed and needs to look put together. This is great for weekend casual looks, when you need it out of your face for work or for the gym.  Just section the top part of your hair, back comb so its not too flat to your head and secure with a bobble! 


3.Twist and go. 

This is the quickest  of all the half up styles as its so easy to put together but looks really "done"  Simply section the front part of your hair into two , start twisting them inwards towards your parting and then secure at the back . 

4. Tie it up baby 

Hair scarves are back in a big way this summer and they turn any cute summer look into "fash-un ! " Either tie them around a ponytail  , a top knot , a low bun or around your head and you will look super on trend in a flash . 

5. Get a grip 

And finally one of the simplest ways to accessorise any outfit , get on board with the hair slide trend and finish of your day or evening outfits with  super chic oversized hair slides and grips . The bigger the better , give us pearls , diamond  , gold or silver these are one of our fave accessories on our site at the moment ! 


Want to see more ?

Tell us in the comments what styling , beauty or fitness advice you want from us on our brand new blog and we will as always give it to you girls 

Much love 

Team Fearlesss xxx


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