The tools to run and grow a small business are plentiful. However, not every business owner uses them effectively. In some cases, these tools are mishandled and create detrimental effects instead. There are ways to make the most out of your resources to ensure business success. Here are some best practices to consider to maintain your business momentum.

Use Influential Design Elements
Business websites are effective when their managers make full use of design options at their disposal. Some of the elements that influence consumer behaviour on websites is colour. According to a survey from, 93 percent of respondents stated that the use of colour on an online store influences their purchase decision. An additional 42 percent of respondents base their opinion of a website on its design and visual characteristics. With these statistics in mind, you can research colours relevant to your business and whether they can help improve conversion rates from your website. Once you have determined the right colours, you can  implement them on your website as well as other display ads.

Review Your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy
The basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and getting them right can make a world of difference for your business. When you review how your website is positioned in this category, check for errors and problems that can hurt you long-term. One mistake is having technical errors within the root files of your website. Some files are highly sensitive and just a single missed character can cause massive SEO problems. Be sure your URL, or website address, is set up right. If they contain characters such as ‘/?’ or ‘=’, you may be hurting your website’s performance on search results. Finally, make sure you do not have multiple versions of your website all live at the same time. This means sticking with either one of “www”, “https://”, or “index.html”, this will help minimize the risk of Google enacting a manual penalty on your website.

Use an Effective Email Template
You may be planning to launch email campaigns to generate sales and leads. While you are doing so, be sure to recognize what factors go into making an effective email. Most personalized emails have more than just simple, promotional content and tend to do better in terms of getting responses compared to traditional methods. Having these personalized templates shows your target audience that you know your product, have researched the market, and can provide informative responses to their questions.

Utilize Effective Blog Marketing Strategies
Some businesses develop blogs to maintain updated content while others create blogs for marketing purposes. Regardless of the reason, it is essential to utilize the right strategy to promote these posts. The first technique you can use is to interlink your new blog posts to older ones, and vice versa. Many people link to previous blog posts on new ones, but the formula is also effective vice-versa.

If you are on Pinterest, then pin your posts and engage with users. This is a strategically valuable platform that can provide a major boost to your website. You can post your pins to the appropriate and most relevant boards after they have been published. In addition, you can also request to have more prominent or highly-followed Pinterest users share or re-pin posts from your account. An additional blog-sharing strategy is to use a scheduling tool, including popular ones such as Boardbooster. You can identify many group boards relevant to your content and save your blog pins to them.

Find a Trusted Source of Funding
Small businesses simply enjoy an easier time starting out and growing when they have a consistent, reliable source of funding. Small business loans are a first option. They are a more viable way than in years past to help get your business equipped with the necessary financial resources to grow. Small business loans in particular can help fund your business at an early stage.

Most small business loans are offered through various loan programs. The programs themselves does not actually provide the reward, but provide a guarantee for it with an accredited lender if you pass the screening process. Small business loans are very valuable for startups since they provide the most convenient access for the necessary funding, resources, and capital to start operating. As you are looking for a loan, look out for ones with the lowest financing costs. You can use a business loan calculator to determine a loan’s APR and arrange for the best pricing terms available.

In conclusion, you have plenty of tools and strategies help to jumpstart growth at your small business. Additional strategies not mentioned here include starting a Youtube stream and building a local content producing system. You can learn more about these strategies by searching up business blogs and online tutorials. Before you finalise a budget or marketing plan, you can review these strategies with your business partners and colleagues.

With these tools available, there are many ways to help your small business get set on the right path towards sustainable, long-term success.

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