Being a successful entrepreneur is not just about knowing what to mind. It’s also about the things you should ignore. Being focused on things that don’t matter ties up your mind and eats up your time. You could be spending that brainpower and time working on something that matters. Instead, you are consumed trying to control something completely out of your hands. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to ignore a few things.

Success and Failure
Oddly enough, you cannot control whether you succeed or fail. You can stack the odds in your favour with preparation and your performance, but there will be times when the winds won’t blow your way. Big projects will fail. Employees may leave at the worst possible time, even if you’ve been treating them perfectly.

It’s best to not worry about success. You can have it as a goal, but don’t get stuck on it. Focus your efforts on performing well and making sure that everything you do maximizes he odds of success.

What Could Go Wrong
Things go wrong every day. You might not remember or even notice them going wrong, because they’re the little things. You’re more concerned about that one big thing going south, and the number of bad things that could happen that may lead to that failure.

If you have time to worry about what could go wrong, you have time to go do something else that is actually productive. That isn’t to say there’s no time for risk assessment – you should still give it some thought. Just don’t get stuck on what could ruin your plans. Put up the relevant contingencies, then put those fears away and focus on making the start-up work.

What Didn’t Get Done
Running a start-up is hectic and there’s a lot for you to do as an entrepreneur. Reports need to be written and read, the newest iteration of your product needs approval, and you may need to hire more employees to handle increased demand. Eventually, there may come a time when something slips through the cracks. It might be big, or something meaningless – but you can’t help but think about it.

That’s a massive waste of your time. You can’t change the past. All you can do is tune your to-do lists to match your work rate so you can delegate more tasks and get more done as a whole.

The Work-Life Balance
Here’s something you need to accept as an entrepreneur – your start-up needs you. It will need you all the time. It doesn’t care that your friends want to watch a movie, or that there’s a new video game to play. And you’ll need to answer to its needs if you want it to grow and flourish. Perhaps later on in the start-up’s life you can afford to relax every now and then. But the first few months or even the first few years are different. Your life belongs to the start-up.

That doesn’t mean you have to cut-off all ties. That just means you have to tell your friends and family what to expect from you in the coming months. If you’re lucky, they’ll understand and adjust their schedules to suit your new life.

What You Can’t Do
There are a lot of things you can’t do. You can’t be everywhere, you can’t know everything, and you can’t fly. It’s easy to get stuck on your shortcomings and put all your effort into trying to do the impossible. You could spend your entire life obsessing over what you can’t do and it will get you nothing.

Your time is better spent focusing and pressing on your advantages. Look at who you have on your team. Look at what you know and what resources you have available. Focus your efforts on getting the most out of what you have and you’ll help your company. Focus on what you don’t, and you’ll waste your time.

Time is the one resource you can’t get more of, so spend it wisely. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is efficient time management, and there’s nothing as wasteful as worrying about things you can do nothing about. If you have time to worry about success, failure, or things that you don’t have, you have time to work.


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