You spend hours creating content to build your brand as a knowledgeable leader within your sector. You carefully craft a blog post, hit the publish button, and then hope for a spike in traffic. All too often your blog post languishes on your site with only a minor blip of increased website visits.

If you want to significantly increase the number of social shares your content receives, there are a few simple tricks you can employ. Try the following five social media tips for bloggers and watch your share counts steadily rise over time:

1) Blog posts with numbers in the title are shared more often on social media. Increase your social share potential by utilising numbers within the snippets you share on social media. Even if your actual blog post title doesn’t contain a number (top 10, 5 ways, etc.), you can still create custom tweets or Facebook post titles to take advantage of this social media truth.

2) Share your posts more than once and change your hashtags each time. Pay attention to trending hashtags to see if any of your blog posts can be tied into a trending hashtag. Using a variety of tags can introduce your content to an entirely new audience and help increase the reach of your blog posts.

3) Make it easy for others to share your content by creating tweet-ready tidbits for them ahead of time. Integrate tools like into your site and offer tweet-ready snippets within your email newsletters.

4) Incorporate your fans and followers into your content creation strategy. From Instagram images to Facebook photos, let your audience know you’re always willing to accept images of them enjoying your business’ product. Share submitted images within company blog posts and watch social shares soar when the photo submitter shares your blog post with their social network. User-generated content is a fabulous way to build a community around your company while increasing your content creation capabilities at the same time.

5) Images have a huge impact on whether your content gets shared on social media or not. Take an extra few minutes to add engaging images to your blog posts. Use a tool like to find royalty-free photographs and illustrations and then customise your chosen shot with a visual marketing tool like Add text or borders and include your website URL or social media username on every image you use.

You are creating content to increase your digital footprint online; it makes sense to stack the social odds in your favour. These simple social media tips can significantly increase the social shares your content receives and grow your brand reach at the same time. How many of these content outreach tips will you be using?

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