Are you a startup founder attempting to scale your fledgling business while talk of a tech bubble swirls around you? Or are you a solo-entrepreneur trying to turn your idea into a cash-generating small business? Whether you are approaching investors for funding in a tumultuous market or trying to find paying customers for your young company, the life of an entrepreneur can be stressful and fraught with emotion. Rather than succumb to the challenges daily life throws your way, there are simple ways you can reduce the impact of your stressors. Review the following five ways entrepreneurs can reduce stress to see which ones you can integrate into your daily living practices:

Give Back to Your Community
One of easiest ways to reduce your stress is to give back to your community. From helping out at a community garden to serving soup at a local soup kitchen, volunteering your time to give back can lighten the burden of your worries better than any anti-depressant. Even an hour or two every couple of weeks can have a huge impact on your sense of well-being.

Practice Humility
While some entrepreneurs make a show of ‘killing it’ at tech conferences or highlight their tough cookie persona to the media, it is the humble founder who will revel in their journey as an entrepreneur. Making the effort to remain humble and treasure the small victories will infuse a calmness into your life that will inspire others as they watch your company scale.

Remain Physically Active
Growing a company can absorb every ounce of your energy as you attempt to secure sustainable revenue and build your customer roster. Finding time each day to remain physically active is an effort you are not likely to regret. Not only will your heart, lungs, and limbs be healthier, you will be nurturing your sense of well-being as well. Whether you bike to work, forego elevators in favor of stairs, or hit the gym at sunrise, your stresses will trickle away like the sweat upon your brow.

Eat Healthy
When days are short and task lists are long, it can be difficult to remember to consume healthy food. Quick vending machine snacks or fast foods are an easy option when time is at a premium. Making a concerted effort to consume nutrient-rich foods not only helps your body perform at an optimum level, it helps with mental clarity and focus too. If reducing your entrepreneurial stress is top-of-mind, focusing on your healthy eating successes can add much-needed happiness to your day.

Meditate to Alleviate
No, you don’t need to visit a hot yoga studio or sit cross-legged while chanting to enjoy the benefits of meditation. A few moments of silent meditation throughout your day can calm your mind, alleviate your worries, and focus your energies. Practicing mindfulness and meditation will not only reduce your stress level, it might even give you a leg up on your competition. A mindful entrepreneur is a focused entrepreneur; your competitors would be well-advised to mimic your mantra.

Reducing entrepreneurial stress does not have to mean ending each day consuming alcohol or indulging in harmful excesses. The savviest entrepreneurs and startup founders are the ones who know how to manage the mania through healthy living and acts of charity.

Will you be integrating any of these stress reduction tips into your daily living practices?

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