Startup growth doesn’t happen without careful attention to detail and a take-no-prisoners attitude towards public relations. The better your team gets at attracting influential attention to your company, the likelier it is your startup will flourish. To stack the odds of victory in your favour, it is imperative your team uses the right tools to garner attention. If you hope to satiate your team’s desire for growth, here are five public relations tools your startup team ought to know about.

Mailroom is one of those growth-hacking tools every startup should have on their resource list. Mailroom offers access to over 3,500 journalists and includes multiple features including downloadable reporter files and journalist filtering by publication. Uncover journalist email addresses, review their job titles, and send bulk press outreach emails. Can you say awesome startup PR tool?

Startup Lunchbox
How does press outreach and startup marketing as a service sound to you? That’s what you get when you check out Startup Lunchbox. Find everything from pitch deck templates and startup stock photos to professional press kits and marketing templates. Heck, you’ll even find icons for social media and vector graphics for your startup. Building brand awareness for your company doesn’t get much easier than this. (

Flaunt lets you create custom reports from screenshots. Meant as a marketing tool for digital marketing agencies, Flaunt is just as terrific when used as a reporting tool for startups. Gather snippets of information about your startup, embed snippets into an information-packed report, and share your file with journalists relevant to your startup. Press releases are so yesterday; Flaunt makes data-enabled report creation easy. All reports come with automatic data tracking, so you’ll always know when a reporter views your file.

PingGo offers an easy-to-use interface for creating your own press releases. Choose your preferred press release template, add your responses to a series of questions, and watch your press release magically appear before your eyes. You can use PingGo to plan your press outreach strategy, feed news to reporters on an ongoing basis, discover media contacts for your startup, and share your press releases on social media too. Use PingGo to announce your latest product release, announce an investment in your startup, or announce new additions to your team. If you want to stop taking a mish-mashed approach to press outreach, PingGo might be just the all-in-one tool you need.

Just Reach Out
Just Reach Out helps startup companies find and connect with reporters relevant to their brand. Receive notifications when a journalist is looking for an expert source related to your startup’s market and be among the first to hear about posts on Reddit or Quora specific to your niche. If you want to out-perform your competitors in building brand exposure, Just Reach Out should be in your arsenal of must-use startup marketing tools.(

If your startup is hungry for accelerated growth, supercharging your public relations efforts is essential. These five PR tools for startups can help ensure your growth efforts don’t go unnoticed. Will you be using any of these resources to improve your startup’s chances of success?

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