Are you a wantrepreneur with visions of angel investor funding dancing in your head? Whether you are a college student dreaming of making it big in Silicon Valley or a 9-to-5 worker with hopes of someday vanquishing the chains that bind you, it is crucial that you have a strong foundation of business resources at your disposal. One of the top things you can do to grow your entrepreneurial backbone is to build your own list of chutzpa-inspiring resources.

Check out the following list of tools for entrepreneurs to see which ones will make it to your must-use resource list:

Startup Nation (
Startup Nation offers numerous helpful resources for startup founders and small business owners. Learn how to manage a successful small business, make connections with valuable mentors and advisors, and listen to business growth podcasts. Whether you are an inventor or a wantrepreneur with nothing more than a napkin sketch, Startup Nation is one of those essential resources you will return to time and time again.

Startups Anonymous (
Startups Anonymous offers a safe haven to entrepreneurs seeking advice. Whether you want to confess your latest co-founder challenges or seek the solace of entrepreneurs who can advise you on how to find angel investors, you can do so via the Startups Anonymous platform. All questions, answers, and confessions are anonymous, so you’ll never have to worry that your private startup struggles will become public.

Founders Network (
Founders Network provides access to online mentors, advisory peer panels, social meet-and-greets, and investor feedback opportunities. Apply to become a member and receive discounts on everything from cloud hosting packages to marketing services.

Having an entrepreneurship resource list is essential if you want to be successful. Whether you plan to scale a bootstrapped startup in the hopes of an eventual IPO or you want to build a small business in your local community, bolstering your backbone with a variety of business growth tools is essential.

How many of these tools for entrepreneurs will you be adding to your resource list?

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