As an entrepreneur, one of the things that might slip your mind involves your press releases. Press releases are powerful marketing tools that can get a product launch or news attention. Just like any other marketing effort, they require a bit of finesse and style to use properly.

 Make Use of Visuals

While text and articles can provide more in-depth information and at the reader’s pace, images and videos are just more engaging. Infographics or short videos can turn a mediocre press release into a memorable one. Make sure that the media you use is directly related to what you’re announcing. You want everything to provide the reader with more information, not distract from your announcement.

 Raise Questions

The press release needs to be full of details, to what exactly is being announced and where these announcements are relevant. Readers need to know why it’s important to them, after all. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t tease readers a little. Give them the important information and the details they need, but don’t tell them everything. Tell them about the product launch, but give a few hints about a possible launch sale price. Make them think about it.

 Use Language Appropriate to the Audience

The kind of language you use will directly affect the effectiveness of your press release. If you’re sending it to reporters, they will want technical terms and numbers, facts that they can use in their articles. The average person may not even know what those technical terms mean, so go simple. You don’t need to dumb it down. You just need to make the language more understandable.

 Use SEO

Chances are that your press releases are going to be available online for public perusal, so why not make them search engine optimized? That will allow people to find it on search engines more easily and increase your reach. As with standard blog posts, SEO efforts should be limited to keywords. The press release should still be primarily written for the reader.

 Customize Each Press Release for The Reader

A press release does not just allow you to get the word out on your product – it’ll also allow you to create and build relationships with reporters. This is in your best interest as an entrepreneur, as it’ll be much easier to get reporters to pay attention to you if you have a pre-existing relationship with them. And part of building those relationships involves knowing them. While the vast majority of your press release will remain unchanged, do take the time to add a few sentences here and there that customize it to their current position and/or the company they’re working for. Put focus on something that their magazine or website may find particularly interesting.

 Make Use of Distribution Services

Early on in your entrepreneurial life, you probably don’t have the connections to just start sending press releases to random reporters. That’s where distribution services come into the picture. They’ll have the relationships that you don’t. Send them your press releases and they’ll handle the rest. Free distribution services exist, but they’re not likely to have connections to bigger websites or news outlets. Going with a paid service, if you can fit it into the budget, is well worth the expense.

 Have Your Staff Ready to Answer Questions

A properly promulgated press release will result in calls and potential leads, most of which will involve answering questions. You’ve finally generated interest in your company and its product – cherish and nourish that interest. That means that you should study your press release and consider what questions will likely be asked. Then you should make sure that everyone knows the answers to these questions. You won’t be able to anticipate all the questions people will ask, and that’s okay. Just make sure that everyone knows the answers to the more common questions and that they know who to ask if they don’t know what to say.

As an entrepreneur, it would be irresponsible of you to not give your press releases the attention and care that they deserve. If you word them properly, send them to the right people, and make sure that your staff is ready to answer any relevant questions, you’ll find press releases a powerful tool. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself on the back foot when it comes to getting attention for your product and for your start-up.


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