Are you using Twitter to extend your brand’s reach? Is Twitter an integral part of your #socialselling strategy? A crucial component of building your brand on social media is knowing where to discover data and make profitable connections. Twitter chats are an often overlooked cornucopia of delicious data. Social media users around the globe use Twitter chats to connect with tweeps relevant to their social media outreach strategies. Your ability to discover potential business affiliations by mining Twitter chats could very well set you apart from your competitors. Review the following collection of Twitter chat tools to see which ones will help you discover potential customers and business associates:

TWChat (
TWChat helps you find Twitter chats relevant to your business needs. Discover chats by date, by hashtag, or by business category. Make connections with social media users on topics ranging from education and technology to social media and search engine optimization.

Twubs (
Twubs offers a helpful Twitter chat discovery interface. Uncover #socialselling opportunities via online chats on topics ranging from #growthhacking to #startups. The Twubs interface lets you discover chats, post messages, and embed your discoveries onto your own website or blog.

TweetChat (
TweetChat helps you uncover networking opportunities via a wide variety of ongoing Twitter chats. Make connections with potential business associates on topics ranging from #viralchat to #edtech or #bufferchat. You can highlight conversations, block users not relevant to your business, and comment, retweet, or favorite posts applicable to your company’s outreach efforts.

Gnosisarts (
If you don’t mind doing extra data digging, Gnosisarts might be just the Twitter chat tool you need. Discover Twitter chats for specific days or hunt for conversations by keyword and subject matter. When you realize just how many Twitter chats are happening on a regular basis, you just might kick yourself that you hadn’t been engaging sooner.

Making the effort to dig for profitable business associations on Twitter chats is an energy expenditure you are not likely to regret. Approach conversation participants on a gradual basis so as not to appear too eager; your patience and conversation contributions could very well pay off in the long run. How many of these Twitter chat tools will you be integrating into your business’ social media outreach strategy?

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