If you want to earn a full-time living as a digital nomad, it is imperative you integrate multiple resources into your modus operandi. Knowledge will only get you so far as a nomad. You must work quickly and efficiently if you hope to satisfy client needs on an ongoing basis.

Time is money for your clients, regardless of whether you’re working across town or across the world. Build a heavy-duty arsenal of digital nomad tools, and you increase your odds of enjoying a profitable career as a work-from-anywhere freelancer.

Check out the following roundup of up-and-coming tools for nomads. There might be one or two you’ll consider adding to your list of must-use awesome tools.

Travel Gig
If you like the idea of earning a living while you traverse the globe, add Travel Gig to your digital nomad resource list. You can use Travel Gig to find remote work opportunities, uncover charitable organisations looking for volunteers, or find a global partner to help build your side-project. Connect with companies looking for remote workers or offer your services in exchange for accommodation. (travelgig.co)

Deekit offers a collaborative whiteboard for remote workers and distributed teams. Collaborate in real-time with clients across the world, showcasing everything from your latest design sketches to your marketing plans or blog post outline. Once you discover their multiple templates, you’ll wonder how you ever managed client presentations without Deekit (deekit.com)

Nomad Projects
Do you like discovering ways to connect with other digital nomads while you’re on the road? Nomad Projects helps connect nomads around side projects. A traveling freelancer looking for a partner can post their side project and connect with other nomads who want to pitch in. If you don’t have a side project but want to help other nomads turn their ideas into businesses, you can post your availability on Nomad Projects. (nomadprojects.io)

If you want to make more connections with digital nomads while you enjoy life as an on-demand entrepreneur, add Urbansurf to your list of helpful tools for remote workers. The Urbansurf interface lets you connect with other nomads and form groups for adventure seeking and memory making. You can connect with locals to discover yummy cuisine, plan hikes with fellow nomads, or uncover out-of-the-way places you might never have experienced on your own.

These are just some of the awesome tools digital nomads now have at their disposal. The bigger your resource list, the faster you can attend to tasks while working as a for-hire freelancer.

Staying productive and delivering top-quality work in an efficient manner are essential skills if you want to make a living while traveling the world.

Tools like these help stack the odds of success in your favour. Will you be using any of these resources on your next road trip?


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