Analytics Tools to Track the Visits to Your WebsiteAnalytics is the process of analyzing the visitors that come to your website or mobile app from various sources, such as social media, search engines, and links. Web analytics applications help you understand your visitors and provide better user experience and value, thereby driving more sales and subscriptions.

These applications have evolved over the years and now include attribution capabilities (tying a sale to a specific marketing activity), customer journey analytics, tag management, A/B testing, multivariate testing, content optimization insights, etc. You may have heard of some of these applications, such as Google Analytics. Here are 10 of what may be the best web analytics software available.

Google Analytics
Launched in 2005, Google Analytics (GA) is the most popular application of its kind, used by about 57 million websites worldwide, according to SimilarTech, a data analytics crawler that aggregates statistics from the web. Google Analytics provides various capabilities, such as channel stats, content drilldown, geography, system configuration details, etc., and since 2011, has also been offering real-time analytics.

GA is completely free for personal websites and small- to medium-size businesses. Google Analytics 360, a paid option for websites that get over 10 million page views per month, is available at a fixed rate of $150,000 per year. Not only is the page view limit higher than that of the free version of GA, but GA 360 also provides you with a dedicated account manager.

Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics (AA) is a major component of Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC), which is Adobe’s offering in this market. AMC was created with Adobe’s 2009 acquisition of Omniture, the web analytics company which originally created AA. Adobe Analytics is a full-fledged application with features such as attribution, ad hoc analysis, mobile app analytics, and multichannel analytics. This premium analytics suite will cost you up to $100,000 per year based on your requirements and the complexity of your website. Gartner placed AA as a leader in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Marketing Analytics.

Webtrends Infinity
Webtrends, launched in 1993, is regarded as the first-ever web analytics company. With features such as unlimited custom metrics, heat maps, multichannel measurement, multi-platform mobile analytics, and real-time data, Webtrends Infinity Analytics is a feature-rich tool. It collects unlimited data about your visitors through its big-data platform and provides several customization options to drill down to useful data.

Yandex Metrica
Yandex Metrica is another popular analytics platform used by over 3 million websites. Yandex, the company behind this product, is a major search engine outside the English-speaking world, including countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. With segmentation on the web traffic, such as search visits, ad visits, direct traffic, etc., Yandex Metrica helps you pick out specific areas of improvement on your marketing. Metrica also has spam filters to weed out bot traffic and ensure you see only the human traffic to your sites. It comes with all the regular features of analytics tools, such as geography, technology, and engagement.

Founded by web entrepreneur Neil Patel (who also created another web analytics tool, Crazy Egg) in 2008, KISSmetrics went on to become a leader in web analytics with its differentiated offering. KISSmetrics, unlike other analytics tools, links all the data collected to a particular visitor, so you get to know how many people have gone through your sales funnel and did the actions relevant to you, such as sign up for a subscription or make a purchase. KISSmetrics ecosystem has two products: Analyze, which gives the performance data and insights, and Engage, which lets you communicate with your visitors in real-time and lead them through the sales funnel.

Mixpanel is an analytics tool with focus on conversions on all your web and mobile properties. With lots of features to track, analyze, and test your visitors, Mixpanel can be quite a handy tool for web marketers. The free version provides up to 25,000 data points, and there are premium options costing from $150 to $2,000 per month. Like KISSmetrics, Mixpanel also gives individual visitor analysis.

Woopra, established in 2008, offers unique real-time analytics offering, even allowing the webmaster to chat with any visitor in real time. The platform also creates customer profiles based on the actions your visitors take on your website. All data related to each customer is tied to his profile to give you a snapshot of the person. Woopra provides several subscription options, ranging from free to up to $5,000 per year for small businesses. For enterprises, it gives additional costing with higher data capture limits.

Clicky is a highly popular web analytics tool that provides real-time data, including several great features, such as heat maps, details of individual visitor actions, website uptime monitoring, search ranking, outbound click tracking, and on-site analytics. Clicky has a free option that tracks up to 3,000 page views per day for one site, and also provides cost-effective pro plans for businesses. In addition, Clicky offers a white-label analytics platform; coupling this with a custom domain, you can sell digital analytics solutions to your customers.

Open Web Analytics (OWA)
Among all these analytics tools, OWA is the only free, open-source analytics platform with all major functionalities. Created by Peter Adams in 2014, OWA is provided with GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0. OWA provides the server software that you can install on your custom domain to track and analyze unlimited websites. It features site usage, page views, funnels, custom event tracking, heat maps, asynchronous event logging, etc.

StatCounter was established by Aodhan Cullen when he was only 16 years old. Headquartered in Dublin, StatCounter is a long-standing web analytics tool used by over 2 million websites. The platform tracks visitors in real time and measures conversion and engagement. StatCounter has an ad-supported free version that provides tracking up to 250,000 monthly page views. Beyond that, the monthly cost ranges from 4 to 319 euros, with additional options such as API access and additional log space.

Web-based entrepreneurs need to use an analytics tool to track their visitors in depth and ensure that their products and services reach their audience properly. These tools help you decide what kind of marketing activities you need to perform around your content. Even simple tweaks and changes that you can do based on the data provided by your analytics tool can be handsomely rewarding in the long run.

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