How to Optimise Your Business for Success – Crucial A/B Testing Tips You Need to Know A crucial part of growing your own business is optimising your company for success. Increased revenues don’t just happen on their own; sales optimisation needs to be a top priority for you and your team. Utilising A/B testing is a powerful way to ensure you’re doing everything in your power to accelerate sales. From your marketing tag line to the design of your company’s mobile app, critical components of your business can be tested for maximum effectiveness. If you’re ready to maximize your chances of success, following are a few essential testing tips you need to know:

– You need to have clear goals to ensure the effectiveness of your A/B testing. Understand what you’re trying to measure and planned changes depending upon outcomes. If you don’t know what you’re going to do with the information, why are you testing in the first place?

– Timing of your testing is critical. Understand the implications of testing periods to ensure your results are not impacted by your desire for speedy insights. While some A/B testing can be successfully completed in a week, other business assets will take longer to study. Know going in how long you plan to run your tests and monitor results throughout the entire testing period.

– The copy used on your A/B tests can impact results. Be cautious when writing the copy to ensure you’re not skewing results in either direction.

– If you are testing multiple components of your website, offer a consistent experience throughout your site. Don’t make the mistake of offering different versions of your site to the same visitor. You can greet new visitors with one version and repeat visitors with an alternate version and then study the differences in their reactions. If you’re ready to put the power of A/B testing to work for your business but are at a loss as to where to start, there are numerous helpful resources at your disposal. Peruse the following roundup of possibilities to see if any of these tools can help you better understand your customer base:

Naytev lets you A/B test your social media messages. Entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners can use Naytev to discover which content variations work best with their audience. Enjoy features like a real-time data tracking dashboard and customisable share bars. (

StoreMaven offers A/B testing services for app providers. Whether you want to test audience interaction with your app icons or you want to gauge interest for your app’s screenshots, StoreMaven can help you make informed decisions before you officially launch your mobile app. (

Like StoreMaven, TestNest will provide A/B testing feedback to mobile app creators. TestNest helps you test everything from the name of your application to your price. If you’re developing a mobile app for your business, TestNest is definitely worth keeping on your radar. (

Experiment Engine
Experiment Engine offers A/B testing as a service. You can submit the URL of your website and add details on a particular goal you hope to achieve with your site. Experiment Engine then connects your request with experienced marketers and designers to offer you feedback. You can then put the experts’ advice to work and complete the A/B tests they recommend. (

A/B Tasty
A/B Tasty offers A/B testing tools for website design. Test multiple components of your site including your font style and size, your widget placement, or your content offerings. You can measure audience visits or track your conversion rates. With numerous personalisation features and testing options, A/B Tasty is definitely worth adding to your entrepreneur’s resource list. (

Utilising a variety of A/B testing tools can have a drastic impact on everything from email subscriptions to sales conversion numbers. As an entrepreneur hoping to grow a viable business, you want to do everything in your power to ensure your venture survives and prospers. Will you be using any of the above-listed tools to help stack the deck in your favour?

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