You know you’re tired of generating revenue for someone else. You know you want to work for yourself. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur fills your heart with joy and quickens your pulse.

But how do you transition from want to be entrepreneur to full-fledged entrepreneur if you don’t have a business degree or live near a growing tech hub? The best way to start your journey is to make the effort to think like a business builder.

Instead of just dreaming about starting your own venture, monitor the moments when you think of ideas that could be turned into a viable company. Generating business ideas is the first step in any successful entrepreneurial journey. To help you track your creative concepts, consider the following five tools: ( helps entrepreneurs iterate on their ideas. Jot down ideas as they come to you, brainstorm growth opportunities, and transform your thoughts into viable business concepts. Visualizing your idea on a flowchart helps you realize their potential so much more than just scribbling your thoughts on a piece of paper.

Stache (
If you want to integrate the inspiration of others into your planning efforts, add Stache to your list of idea generation resources. Bookmark your favorite websites into beautiful Pinterest-style collections and organize your collections by topic. Stache is available as an iOS/Mac app or as a Firefox extension.

Point (
Point offers another helpful tool for entrepreneurs on the hunt for startup ideas. Highlight and capture portions of content you find inspiring, email your collected content to yourself, or share your finds with other budding entrepreneurs in your social network. Think of Point like Dropbox for your startup ideas.

ThoughtPlan (
ThoughtPlan can help you visualize your entrepreneurial ideas. Organize your thoughts, create an action plan, and watch your concept go from a light bulb moment to a marketable company.


Your Big Pitch (
If you’re on the hunt for a more thorough idea generation tool, add Your Big Pitch to your resource list. This helpful interface lets you perform multiple functions including tracking your ideas, iterating on product development concepts, and assessing the viability of specific components of your plan. If you want one tool that will take you from idea to full-fledged startup, Your Big Pitch might be your best bet.

Building a successful company doesn’t have to mean generating business plans or earning your MBA in college. A viable company can grow from a random thought or casual observation. Following your ideas through to fruition can start with a simple act like tracking your thoughts on an ongoing basis. Will any of the above-listed tools help you capture your entrepreneurial ideas?

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