Do you ever wonder how some of today’s top business leaders became so knowledgeable and well-respected? Or consider why some of the most influential individuals in venture capital and angel investing became so influential? The one trait many of today’s top business minds have in common is that they are insatiable readers.

They read everything from philosophy and sociology books to history and technology books. If you want to become a more intelligent entrepreneur and significantly improve your odds of long-term business success, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to read brain-boosting books.

No, you don’t have to spend hours browsing Amazon for good reads. There are now a number of helpful tools available that make book discovery easy. Check out these five book discovery tools and your brain will never be the same!

ParrotRead is a must-discover resource for information-hungry entrepreneurs. ParrotRead helps you discover awesome books to read based upon who you follow on Twitter. Discover the top reads from the Shark Tank sharks. Discover the books YCombinator partners recommend. Find book recommendations from TED speakers like Elon Musk or Garry Kasparov. Once you discover ParrotRead, you’ll never worry about which book to read next. (

Bookicious is another fabulous resource for entrepreneurs who want to become respected leaders in their field. Bookicious offers collections of recommended reads from people like Bill Gates, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, YCombinator’s Sam Altman, and Google’s Larry Page. Discover what top business thinkers like Jeff Bezos, Marc Andreessen, Tony Robbins, and Marissa Mayer read. The more you immerse yourself in books that build your knowledge, the stronger you’ll become as an entrepreneur. Learn from the wisdom of business leaders and dive into the books they recommend. (

Four Hour Book Club
Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Book Club introduces entrepreneurs to a myriad of powerful books. Discover books from Peter Thiel, Dan Harris, Malcolm Gladwell, and James Altucher. If you want to read books that will increase your business knowledge while improving your understanding of the world around you, Four Hour Book Club needs to be on your browser’s bookmark list. (

BookBuster introduces you to award-winning books in a variety of niches including biographies and philosophy. Each time you open a new tab on your Chrome browser, BookBuster shows you a top book you can consider reading. Discover books to boost your brain power simply by clicking on a new Chrome tab. Improving your intelligence doesn’t get much easier. (

If you want to discover new books and become part of a reading community at the same time, check out Riffle. You can find book recommendations, create your own reading lists, and learn what others in the Riffle community are reading. Add diversity to your reading by discovering books from voracious readers outside of the entrepreneurial community. (

With tempting tools like these, you’ll never run out of intelligence-expanding books to read. Ask any top influencer in the entrepreneurship/startup space and they’ll tell you that reading more is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of entrepreneurial success. Use any of these five book discovery tools and you’ll be well on your way to turbocharging your entrepreneurial journey.

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