Time is a precious commodity for all entrepreneurs. Which company takes the majority of the market can boil down to which one is better at managing their time. There is a part of your day you may not be using to its fullest, and it’s those hours between when you wake up and breakfast. Those hours are often spent shaking off the sleep cobwebs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few things you can do before breakfast that’ll make you a more efficient entrepreneur.

Wake Up Earlier

You can’t get more hours in a day, but you can be awake for more of them. Waking up early is a simple but effective way to get more work hours. The more hours you spend awake and aware in the morning, the more you’ll get done. It’s as simple as that. Try waking up before six so you can get your morning ablutions and routines out of the way, and you’ve given yourself more time to focus on work.

Check Your Email

One thing you can do before you get breakfast is check your email. This’ll let you catch up on what happened while you were sleeping. You can also take the opportunity to clean out your inbox before heading to work so you’re sure that any new mail you see at the office is actually new.

Whether you do this or not depends on you and how your email affects your rhythm. Many find that checking their email early in the day puts them in a more reactive place and because of that leave their emails for lunch or even the end of the day.


Staying healthy should be one of your goals as an entrepreneur. Not only will it make you feel better overall, but it’ll also give people the idea that you’re doing well. A sickly or out of shape businessman gives off the idea that they’re barely hanging on. Being healthy will not only give you the energy to do everything that needs to be done, but it’ll give people you meet the idea that you and your business are doing well.

That’s why you should exercise early in the day. After a long day of work you’re probably low on energy and exercising becomes a chore, a chore you may just take off your to-do list. It’ll also help you shake off the cobwebs so you can start the day fully energized.

Catch Up on the News

The Internet has made it possible to get your news from the comfort of your bed using your tablet or phone, so why not take advantage of it? Information is your number one weapon and your number one inspiration, so get caught up on the news when you wake up. Check your Twitter feed, your start-up’s Facebook page, and see what’s happening in the world. At worst you’ll just have a few things to discuss around the watercooler. At best you’ll get an idea you can apply to your start-up.

Connect with Your Loved Ones

An entrepreneur’s life is busy and tiring. When you come home from the office, you’re probably exhausted and all you want to do is crawl into bed early enough so you can wake up ready to face the world again. You may not even see your family awake if you get back late. That makes morning the best time to connect with them and ask about the previous day.

Spend your first few waking hours catching up with your family. Even if they don’t live with you, you can send them texts or instant messages. If you do live with them, hang out with them. Get frisky with your partners or just talk. Ask your kids what happened at school yesterday or help them out with their homework. What’s important is you do something to connect with them and remember that you’re more than an entrepreneur – you’re someone with a family who loves them.

Spending your mornings just shaking off the cobwebs is inefficient and can affect your performance as an entrepreneur. Make better use of your mornings by exercising or catching up with your family or the news. You don’t need to do all of these every morning — just make sure that you’re using your pre-breakfast hours well.


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