Are you an entrepreneur willing to do whatever it takes to see your business idea through to fruition? Do you want to build a thriving company in the shortest time possible? One of the best ways brand builders can fast-track their success is by building an extensive list of tools for entrepreneurs. If you want to double-down on growth for your business idea this year, check out these five under-the-radar tools for entrepreneurs.

ValidBee helps entrepreneurs test and validate their business ideas. Get feedback on your idea, find team members to turn your idea into a business, and view detailed audience interaction analytics. Entrepreneurs can participate in startup discussions and meet other entrepreneurs attempting to build profitable businesses. (

Part of your job as an entrepreneur is to come up with an awesome name for your business. Novanym helps entrepreneurs find excellent names for their companies. Whether you’re looking for a name for a marketing, finance, or technology startup, Novanym can assist. Sort through thousands of available names, find a logo for your company, and register your domain. Who knew naming your company was so easy? (

Napkin is a must-discover tool for entrepreneurs. This handy iOS mobile app lets you take your project from an idea to a full-fledged business. Organize your business ideas, A/B test project components, add images and notes, and analyze your target market. If you’re looking for a simple tool to help manage your entrepreneurial vision, Napkin could be the resource you seek.

If you are looking for lead generation and marketing automation software to help turn your idea into a bustling business, check out LeadFox. Their interface lets you create landing pages, advertising banners and call-to-action pop-ups, data requisition forms, A/B tests, and email outreach campaigns. Create one-off projects or automate your lead prospecting. Once you dive into the multiple tools LeadFox offers, you’ll understand its power as a business-building tool.

If you want to understand entrepreneurship and the startup life from an investor’s perspective, consider using Zapflow. Their handy interface helps investors track and manage their deal flow. See factors that matter to investors when securing deals and understand what goes into building a portfolio of investments. The more you understand about angel investing and venture capital, the better your chances are of building a business that secures funding.

Building a resource list is an excellent way to improve your odds of entrepreneurial success. These five tools for entrepreneurs are just a few of the resources that should be on your resource list. The more extensive your database of tools, the faster you can build the business of your dreams. Will you be integrating any of these tools into your growth strategy?

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