If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to inspire your team. When they wake up in the morning they have to be excited to be part of the team and eager to get to work. They need to work together and be motivated to work for the good of the start-up instead of just their individual goals.

The best way to do that is to make them feel important. If a person feels like an important part of the team, they won’t waste time trying to look out for themselves. They feel safe, safe enough to start looking out for the rest of the team. If you cannot make each team member feel important, they may reach their full potential, which can hamper your start-up’s progress.

Keep an Eye on Their Energy Levels
You and your managers must pay attention to the team’s energy levels, both physical and emotional. When they’re feeling low, don’t give them something intense to work on unless there’s a looming deadline. Give them something easy, a quick win that can boost their energy levels and morale. When they’re feeling high and ready to fight, give them tough tasks.

The important part is to keep them busy and to know what tasks they’re ready to accomplish. Idle time is deadly to your team’s momentum and productivity. Keep them working.

Bring Them Together
Your team must be united in purpose. They must look at your plans and think that this will work, and that the team can achieve your goals. If they don’t think your start-up can work, they’ll never band together. Morale will stay low because they’ll think they’re working on a hopeless task.

To bring your team together, your team members must believe in the start-up and its future success. Make them excited. Show them the product’s potential, how the market is reacting to it, and what they stand to gain. Make sure each team member knows how they can contribute. There’s nothing like lucrative projects to get the blood pumping.

Take Care of Their Needs
Part of being a good leader and entrepreneur is making sure your employees’ needs are met. The less they have to worry about, the more attention they can give the start-up. Meeting their needs also makes them feel important and valued, which improves their company loyalty and performance.

That means providing them with enough compensation, as well as the right benefits. A lot of parents on the team? Offer flex time, or discounts at a nearby daycare center. A lot of commuters? Offer commuter benefits, such as a transportation allowance. Look at what your employees need and think about what they would appreciate having.

Lead from the Front
Much of your time spent as an entrepreneur will be behind the scenes, finding and closing deals, as well as figuring out where to take the company. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take to the field every now and then.

Whenever you have time, get out there and make a sale. Show your employees that you’re willing to do what you tell them to do. Not only will this inspire them by giving them someone to look up to, but you’ll get a better idea of how your orders function in practice. Be visible and be present.

Get Rid of Negative Team Members
Some people are naturally negative, and in some respects that’s OK. Perhaps they need to express themselves in that manner to work through their issues or stress. The problem is when it’s in a team context. Negativity and toxicity can bring down morale and make people feel unwanted or unimportant. It’s also incredibly infectious.

If you want to make your team feel important and inspired, you’ll need to identify and isolate toxic team members. You should be willing to let go of them if they can’t resolve their negativity issues. The strongest individual is worthless to your start-up if they bring everyone else down.

Terminating someone should be the last resort. Try talking to them and inform them of how their actions are affecting the team. Have stronger or more motivated employees coach the toxic team member and see if things can change.

A strong and inspired team will take your company to the next level. There’s nothing quite like being an entrepreneur whose employees are happy to be there and pumped up each day. Answer their needs and make them feel important, and your team will transform before your eyes.


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