You thought entrepreneurship was the right path. You had a business idea and a good understanding of your target market. You have been attempting to follow your passion, but have now begun to question your choice to become an entrepreneur. It can be tough to stay motivated as entrepreneur when success isn’t immediate and business accolades are non-existent. If you’re an entrepreneur contemplating giving up on your business dreams, remember these five tips. You might start to believe your dream is worth pursuing and that it is far too early in the game to give up on your passion.

1) One of the best things you can do to improve your entrepreneurial career is to become an opportunity hunter. Rather than look at business problems as insurmountable challenges, teach yourself to look for the opportunities in every situation that arises. Once you train your brain to focus on finding opportunities others miss, business growth prospects multiply like magic.

2) When you are feeling down and considering giving up on your entrepreneurial dream, think about how good it will feel to prove your doubters wrong. Imagine how the naysayers in your life will feel when you are the owner of a successful business. Adopt a “look at me now” attitude and push past your nagging doubts.

3) If you are feeling down over your chances of success as an entrepreneur, make changes in your daily behaviour that keep you moving forward. Boredom or a lackadaisical attitude is detrimental to your entrepreneurial growth. Tweak your marketing strategy. Use a new social media platform to make business connections. Up your visual marketing efforts to grow your personal brand as an entrepreneur. Anything you can do to change the status quo will re-energise your motivation and propel you towards being a successful entrepreneur.

Remind yourself that achieving your goals sometimes requires a leap of faith towards your future. Imagine yourself at the beginning of a zip-line across a mountainous cavern. Your business goals are waiting for you at the end of the zip-line. You need to trust your ability to work hard in the pursuit of your passion. Take a deep breath, trust your safety net, and make the leap towards the fulfilled dreams that are waiting on the other side. #Exhilarating

5) Today’s entrepreneurs believe they need to out-hustle their competitors and work harder than anyone on their team. Sometimes the opposite is true. You need to work smarter than your competitors, not harder. One of the best ways to become an entrepreneur who works smarter, not harder, is to learn to take care of yourself and rejuvenate your energy stores. Be willing to take a day off and pamper yourself with peace and quiet. Spend a day on a deserted beach. Go for a long hike on an isolated trail. Do whatever it takes to unwind and revitalize your spirit. You’ll be a better entrepreneur when your emotional batteries aren’t running on empty.

Remember these five tips the next time you feel your enthusiasm waning. Make the effort to reclaim your passion and focus on why you began your entrepreneurial journey in the first place. It takes work, but the rewards are worth it when you push past declining motivation. Your dreams are worth pursuing!

What tips would you give to entrepreneurs who feel like giving up?

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