Twitter is a powerful tool for many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they’re probably not using it properly. The problem lies in their tweets – -people just don’t seem interested. No one’s retweeting, and it’s not generating any leads. It can feel like you’re talking to air. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your tweets engaging.

Force a Response

The fact is people can just ignore things. They don’t have to pay attention to you. There’s plenty of things out there to occupy their attention. To make your tweets engaging you must force a response, and the simplest way to do that is to ask a question.

Ask followers what they think of current events in the industry. Even tangentially related events can provoke a lively discussion and result in greater engagement. Every industry does it – video game companies, for example, tweet fan-art of their intellectual properties and ask people what they think. You could retweet a related announcement and then ask readers what they think or even what they would have done instead.

Provide Value

Value is king. As an entrepreneur, your product isn’t the only thing that must offer something to your readers. Your tweets must provide them with immediate and obvious value or they’ll scroll past it.

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to offer, check your own Twitter feed. Think about the accounts you skim over or have unfollowed. What were they posting that you found pointless? Compare it to your own tweets. Remember, the content of your tweets isn’t for your company – it’s for the reader. Stay informative and relevant. Don’t just brag about your newest product. Tell them about how it can improve their lives.

Use Pictures

Pictures are naturally more striking than just words. Images can deliver messages at a glance and can increase your engagement numbers. They’re especially effective on Twitter, as it’s designed for micro-blogging. A few short sentences easily loses out to the right picture.

Use pictures with captions to capture the reader’s attention and inform them at the same time. Think about the number of times you stopped scrolling to get a better look at the picture. That’s what you want the user to do — to stop and pay attention to your tweet.


Silence is deadly to an entrepreneur. Without feedback you don’t know if what you’re doing is working. You don’t know if you should stay on course or consider pivoting. It could even make you feel helpless, unheard, and even lonely. Those are all things you don’t want to make your readers feel.

When someone replies to your tweets, respond to them. You want them to feel like they made the right choice talking to you. Even a simple thank you or retweet can be enough. As your start-up and your followers grow it’ll become impossible to track and reply to everyone. Do what you can.

Send a Clear Message

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of sending mixed signals. The fact is people are likely to check out you or your company’s profile page before following you. That means they’re going to see any and all information there, including previous tweets. What they see will determine whether or not they click the follow button. Any mixed signals can muddy the waters into terms of what to expect from your tweets, which can lead to them hitting the back button.

Sending a clear message is like branding. Your Twitter account must be focused and always related to your users. A few unrelated tweets here or there won’t hurt, but if you can avoiding posting them, do so. Every unrelated tweet increases the chances of a user choosing not to follow you. As a general rule, if you’re not sure if you should post it, you probably shouldn’t.

Your odds of succeeding as an entrepreneur vastly improve if you can make your tweets engaging. Engaging tweets can nurture brand loyalty and create leads, which often leads to improved revenue. You don’t have to use all of these in a single tweet. Sometimes, you ask a question. Other times, you post a picture and take on a reactive stance, replying to anyone who interacts with it. Use the right tip at the right time and you should do well.


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