Are you an entrepreneur who is willing to do whatever it takes to build a thriving company? Do you want your business to flourish and know that your approach to growth can make or break your company? If you want to turbocharge your business success you must learn to adopt change as an integral part of business development. Make the following five changes to see how much your business can grow over time.

1) Increase your rate of learning if you want to build a successful business. Top business leaders understand that learning quickly and applying your knowledge is essential if you want to out-perform competitors. Make the effort to expand your business knowledge on a daily basis and you increase your odds of long-term success.

2) Adopt a design-first attitude. How you design your products and your website can have a significant impact on how customers respond to your business. There’s a good reason that user experience is so important to today’s up-and-coming startup companies. Poor user flows or poor product designs can kill your business. If you don’t have strong design skills or can’t apply design thinking to every move your business makes, consider adding a designer to your team.

3) Change your mindset if you want to improve your chances of business success. Entrepreneurs who make a habit of focusing on growth initiatives are much likelier to build profitable businesses. Greet each day by asking yourself what you can do to improve the growth rate of your business. Small daily actions can have a long-lasting impact on your company. #GrowthMindset

4) Improve your sales abilities if you want to build a stronger business. While you might think this is common sense, it is surprising how many business owners have sub-par sales skills. Read books on selling. Take online courses on salesmanship. Learn how top copywriters create content that converts. If you make the effort to become better at selling, your business can’t help but grow.

5) Learn to spot trends before your competitors and pay attention to global business trends. The most successful startups are the ones who listen to the market for changes that influence global businesses. From the influence of voice-enabled devices on SEO, to shifts in how employees want to work (gig economy, digital nomads, etc.), the sooner you become aware of business trends, the sooner you can use your knowledge to improve your company.

If you make these five changes, you increase your likelihood of business success. Fail to make these changes, and your competitors might end up beating you to the proverbial punch. Change is a necessary part of business building. The wise entrepreneur is the one who makes ongoing change part of their growth strategy.

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