When you are getting ready to become an entrepreneur, you go through finance classes and get advice from mentors on how to get your business off the ground. As prepared as you feel, there are still plenty of things that you are never warned about as you enter the world of being a business owner for the first time. With some practical advice, you will be able to get past the potential distractions and get back to the task of helping your business to grow.

The Junk Mail Barrage

Entrepreneur classes can teach you how to write a lesson plan, but they never seem to prepare you for the barrage of junk mail and marketing phone calls you will get after you register your business. At some point, whether it is starting your company bank account or getting your business license, your company will wind up on several marketing lists that will ensure a steady flow of unwanted junk mail and marketing phone calls.

It is always best to be professional when telling the callers that you are not interested, but you may actually get information that can help your business. As a business owner, it is in your best interest to at least consider the junk mail and marketing phone calls you get instead of simply dismissing them off-hand. You never know when a better solution for your business will show up in a piece of junk mail.

The “Aww, Ain’t You Cute” Responses 

Some experienced entrepreneurs will tell you that you can use your new business status to your advantage, but that is not always the case. The purpose of your company is to solve problems for your clients and expand your revenue. You would be surprised at how many established businesses will not give a new company the time of day, despite the value your company may be able to offer.

As you get started, establish as many certifications and professional affiliations as possible to help lend credibility to your business. Ask each client you work with if you can get a written referral from them and mention them in your marketing materials as part of your customer list. The more you can do to offset the idea that your company is new, the sooner you can get down to doing business with clients who are interested in your abilities.

Phantom Support 

This one is a difficult for many new entrepreneurs to accept, but you will get a lot of encouragement from people who will disappear the moment your business has been launched. Friends and family members will pledge their undying support and even tell you they will send business your way, but it rarely ever happens. The reality is that your friends and family members are offering phantom support. They mean well, but there is no substance to what they are saying.

Your best approach is to put together a solid business plan and go after business on your own. If you happen to pick up accounts from friends and family members along the way, then that should be a bonus. But it is never a good idea to think you can get your business off the ground with the phantom, but well-meaning, support that others will show you.

You will learn something new every day as a first-time business owner, and that includes things that people never warned you about. As time goes by, you will learn how to handle these unexpected challenges and put them behind you.

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